Tree Stump Removal

Fred & Sons - Stump RemovalWhen you have a dead or overgrown tree removed, it can make your whole property look neater and cleaner, except for that unsightly stump left behind... Get your yard looking its best with stump removal services from Fred & Son's Hauling & Tree Removal Services. Providing one-stop tree and lawn care services, our professionals perform stump grinding on both old and new stumps, and we can get your lawn smooth and blemish-free in no time at all. So don't let a lingering stump detract from your property: call Fred & Sons Hauling today for professional stump removal and more!

Specializing in helping you keep your property well maintained, we're here to provide lawn care services of all kinds. That's why in addition to tree removal service, we also offer stump removal. Our team of professional tree contractors has the expertise, tools, and hands-on knowledge to completely and safely eliminate tree stumps both large and small. Using special grinding equipment, we chip up the entire above-ground portion of the stump: while underground roots remain (and will gradually decay on their own), you'll be able to plant grass right over the top for a smooth, attractive lawn.

Fred & Sons - Stump Grinding

At Fred & Son's Hauling & Tree Removal Services, our experts can perform stump grinding as part of our comprehensive tree removal service or we can eliminate old stumps left on your property by another tree contractor. Providing stump removal services for one stump or twenty, we're here to make your yard's ugly stumps a thing of the past. And remember, decaying tree stumps are more than just an aesthetic issue. Rotting wood can attract termites, carpenter ants, post powder beetles, and other wood-consuming insects that can threaten your home and other structures. Helping protect your home as well as ensuring your yard looks great, our tree stump grinding services just make sense. For affordable pricing, professional workmanship, the customer service you deserve, you can't go wrong with Fred & Son's Hauling! Contact us to learn more or to schedule your free estimate.

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