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Trash Removal

Fred and Son's- TrashAccumulated trash is not only an eyesore, it can also create health hazards and safety concerns. When you have large-scale trash removal needs, you need to bring in the pros! Fred & Son's Hauling & Tree Removal Services is here to help for those times when you have years of built-up refuse to tackle. Working with both homeowners and property managers, we're available to provide junk removal services for homes, bank-owned properties, and even some commercial spaces. Our trash haulers are ready to make your garbage removal project affordable, efficient, and hassle-free. Call now to get started!

From safe paint and appliance disposal to household trash and damaged building materials, Fred & Son's Hauling provides rubbish removal for just about anything you can think of. While we don't work with hazardous materials, we can haul away almost anything else. Our team provides comprehensive garbage removal services, and we'll make certain that your building is completely cleared of waste from top to bottom. With nearly a decade as junk removers, our precision and attention to detail mean that we leave your property cleaner than the rest! And unlike some fly-by-night trash removal services, we abide by local, state, and federal regulations regarding waste disposal. When you need to remove trash and you want the job done right, Fred & Son's Hauling & Tree Removal Services is your junk remover in Indianapolis.

We can help you by providing garbage and rubbish removal for a huge range of situations:

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Fred and Son's- Trash Removal

Serving property managers, realtors, investors, landlords, and banks, Fred & Son's Hauling & Tree Removal Services offers property cleanup services for messes large and small. Whether your apartment was left a mess by the last tenant or your bank-owned property needs to be cleaned up before it can be marketed, our team can provide you with the professional trash removal services you need to get the space spick and span. We work efficiently to ensure your property or foreclosure cleanout is completed in the minimum time possible, and our junk removers make certain all waste is collected and disposed of. And unlike with some garbage removal companies, no mess is too large: In all our years as trash haulers, we have not met a house that we could not clean out! Let our pros help you get your property back into a marketable condition--whether you're trying to rent or sell, your property doesn't have a chance as long as it's filled with rubbish. Call Fred & Son's Hauling for your garbage removal and foreclosure cleanouts today. We provide the efficient, cost-effective services you need to help get your property back in tip-top condition!

Construction Debris Cleanup

Building and renovation creates a surprising amount of trash... From rubbish left behind by workers to waste material, all this garbage can really pile up! Don't let excessive construction debris take away from your enjoyment of your new space: Fred & Son's Hauling can provide you with the trash haulers you need to get your work site cleaned up in no time at all. We remove trash of all kinds, so no matter what type of construction debris you have, we can help gather and eliminate it.

Our team provides construction debris cleanup for:

Forget about the hassle of hauling your construction waste to the dump yourself or trying to bag it up and drag it to the curb. Fred & Son's Hauling & Tree Removal Services offers affordable trash removal for all types of construction debris, including oversized items. We're available to help you deal with the mess that ensues after any home improvement or construction project so you can start enjoying your new space sooner. For more details or to get your free estimate, call now.

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