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Demolition Contractor Services

Fred & Sons - Demolition ProjectIs an old garage standing in the way of your home addition? Are you tired of looking at that eyesore of a shed or patio? Wish you could eliminate these structures from your property? Then you've come to the right place. Fred & Son's Hauling & Tree Removal Services offers demolition services in Indianapolis, and we can help remove just about any small structure from your property. Specializing in great value and quality workmanship, we offer demolition contractor professionals at an affordable price. For your free estimate, call today!

Although it may look easy to knock down that shed or disassemble your above-ground pool, it's always best to leave demolition services safely in the hands of the experts. At Fred & Son's Hauling, our demolition contractors will assess the structure before attempting to bring it down. We'll take all necessary precautions to protect nearby people and property and make certain the job is done safely. Don't risk it with DIY demolition! Our demolition contractor team is available for:

Fred & Sons Kitchen DemoAnd because our professionals don't use backhoes or dynamite to take down your shed or tear up your old patio, we provide some of the safest demolition service around. Our demolition contractors use hand tools to efficiently and effectively bring down your structure in a safe, controlled manner. When you want the job done right, you want to call Fred & Son's Hauling & Tree Removal Services.

Demolition Debris Removal

Because we also offer complete trash removal services, Fred & Son's Hauling is your one-stop shop for professional construction demolition service. As part of our demolition services, we can also collect and dispose of all types of debris (excluding hazardous waste). Our demolition contractors can safely tear down that old garage or deteriorating deck and remove the waste in one easy step. Take the stress and hassle of juggling multiple service providers out of your life! Call Fred & Son's Hauling for complete construction demolition and junk hauling today. We can do the whole job from start to finish!

Fred & Son's Hauling & Tree Removal only provides light demolition services. We do not provide building or home demolition services at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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